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Noteworthy gastronomic destination. Its picturesque location in the Grandola mountains allows you to see the lakes and certainly adds a special touch to the atmosphere

What you find at Crotto Buba

Crotto Buba
Via alle Alpi
22010 Grandola ed Uniti (Co)
Tel.: +39 335 694 0999
Sito:  Crotto Buba




Children’s space

  • Playground


Crotto Buba, located in a panoramic position above Menaggio, is the ideal place for a fairytale day. Access to the Crotto is fascinating, with a road that offers exciting curves, the crotto reveals itself in all its beauty.
The tip is to book in advance, especially on weekends. The quality of the food is exceptional, regardless of the option you choose.

You can accompany the meal with wine, coffee and water, all at very reasonable prices.

22010 Grandola ed Uniti (CO)

On the mountains with a view of the lakes.

Restaurant offering typical dishes of the area, with spectacular views of the lakes.

Family management.


  1. Food: The restaurant offers local cuisine and regional specialities.
  2. Varied Menu: It can present a varied menu that includes appetizers, first courses, second courses, side dishes, desserts and drinks, providing options to satisfy customers’ diversified tastes.
  3. Reservations: It allows reservations in advance to guarantee a place for customers, especially during busy periods or weekends.
  4. Outdoor and Panoramic Areas: The restaurant offers outdoor seating with breathtaking views of Lake Como, Lugano and its surroundings.
  5. Special Events and Catering: Organize special events such as weddings, private parties or corporate dinners, offering catering services for these occasions.
  6. Bar Service: Includes a bar offering a variety of drinks, including wines, cocktails, coffee and other options.
  7. Welcome and Assistance: Friendly welcome service and assistance to customers during their visit, answering questions and providing information on the cuisine and gastronomic experience.
  8. Dining Room Service: Qualified staff who offer attentive and courteous service during the meal, guaranteeing a pleasant experience at the tables.
  9. Wi-Fi and Parking: Free Wi-Fi and a dedicated parking area for customers.

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